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From Green horse to Show horse, we can tackle any training dilemma.
 Here, Virginia teaches Sage,  the foundations of ground work. Sage, who arrived two months earlier as a green horse,  never under saddle, is now being ridden in the ring and on trails with ease. Patience, consistent training and praise has helped Sage get to where she is today.  Sage's owners, who live in NY are now riding and showing Sage in Dressage.

Whether you have a horse that needs a little brushing up, a green horse that needs to be started, or even a horse that needs to be in top condition for the upcoming show season, we can give you the results you desire.  Among Mahantango Acres' most recent graduates are: A stallion in training  for Dressage,  a Thoroughbred race horse in need of conditioning for upcoming races, Warmbloods and 'Green' horses started under saddle and various horses   trained for pleasure riding. Our projects have been diverse but our results are always lasting. We emphasize Foundation learning and Classical riding principles in all Disciplines.



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