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As a student, you will not only learn about horsemanship while mounted, but also the importance of ground work. At Mahantango Acres we encourage our students to work with horses on the ground and generally spend time grooming, grazing and caring for horses. All students learn from the very beginning about the importance of aids and being aware of your body. 

Virginia's background as a CHA Master Instructor and longtime advocate and student of dressage has helped shape her philosophy about the importance of using your seat. This awareness of one's own body is essential to becoming a better rider. Once a solid foundation is built, the other building blocks can be added to help a rider better communicate with their horse in whatever discipline they choose. Instruction is available in Hunt Seat Equitation, Dressage and Western riding.


Harmony and Balance...

At Mahantango Acres our riding program is based on the fundamentals of Classical riding. It is our philosophy that horsemanship is an evolutionary process. Riding is a sport that incorporates athleticism, intellectual stimulus and grace. Patience is an important element of the riding experience. We realize that not all riders are the same and neither are all horses. We teach at a pace that is comfortable to the individual. We firmly believe that a strong foundation can not be learned overnight. Our goal is to develop a symbiotic relationship between horse and rider.



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